Hi - Muuzo from UK

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Hi - Muuzo from UK

Post by muuzo » Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:00 am

Been cruising this excellent forum for a while now & found it invaluable for Fusion information, thanks to all!

Nothing else seems to have the the Fusion's feature-set at the orig price - so - despite some of the negative reports on here - I finally took the plunge & bought an 8HD off ebay - for what seems like a bargain price of £400. (Only a bargain if it works of course.... :oops: )

I don't normally buy my instruments without seeing and trying them first - so this is something of a leap of faith.

Having been managing with a dying Roland MC505 that I bought new in 1998 - it has got to be a major improvement - bugs, quirks and all!

When it arrives, and I actually power it up - I'll report back.

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Post by neomad » Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:46 pm

Welcome ! Enjoy your fusion... it's a great piece of hardware...

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Re: Hi - Muuzo from UK

Post by parametric » Wed Oct 16, 2019 4:04 pm

Welcome to the Forums Muuzo . . . .

The Fusion REMAINS a GREAT, well-specified, board, even today. Only the Kronos has more "Engines" . . .

I bought both my Fusions off ebay . . . They were both "unexpanded" which I rectified . . . .

There is a good depth of knowledge in here concerning the (usually trivial) problems that some Fusion arrive with . . .

as well as info on how to max-out the RAM, and fit a PATA SSD . . . .

LATER Fusions shipped with 80GB Drives, so a 40GB Drive would indicate an earlier one . . .

Latest (and LAST) OS is 1.24 Your Fusion may not arrive with it installed, and is the first thing to address . . . :wink:


Alesis Fusions 8SSD + 6SSD/384Mb/120Gb SSD/Yamaha SY85/8.5Mb/1024kb/Yamaha MOXF6/1024Mb Flash/Akai ADVANCE61/NI Komplete11 Ultimate/Roland MT32/Bachmann double overstrung Baby Grand Piano/Win10 Pro/Ubuntu Mate 15.04/M-Audio MicroTrack


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