Fusion Sound Banks by kpr

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Re: Fusion Sound Banks by kpr

Post by kpr » Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:00 am

Arevyn wrote:
Tue May 14, 2019 4:17 am
Hi Klaus & Julia, whats the difference between the "Dynagrand" "Stage Grand" "and the "C Maj 7/8"?
Hi, sorry for the late reply, the old Forum was mostly unavailable recently and I didn't see your post eariler.

So, the difference between these three sample libraries are the instruments and the dynamics. While they all provide completely different instruments the C Maj 7/9 is the oldest of these three and is providing only one dynamic (f) and the velocity settings are created with loudness and brilliance parameters. As I found out how to create Velocity Switch multisamples for the Fusion using the Soundfont sample format I had the chance to make that for DynaGrand and Stage Grand. Up to 4 dynamics (p, mp, mf, f) and still they fit into the regular 64 MB RAM.

I tried to demonstrate the dynamic range with the audio tracks on my shop website to get you an own impression about it. BTW it is a completely new shop with improved features (some elements are still to import from the old shop). Here's

DynaGrand https://bitr-store.de/shop/products/ale ... -dynagrand
Stage Piano https://bitr-store.de/shop/products/ale ... tage-piano
C Maj 7/9 https://bitr-store.de/shop/products/ale ... -c-maj-7-9


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