[How to?]Play the 'tail' of a sample after the loop?

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[How to?]Play the 'tail' of a sample after the loop?

Post by EXer »

The samples I have imported into my F using Convertor are not played back as I want.

My samples consist in a head followed by a loop followed by a tail.

What the Fusion seems to do:
> While a key is held down, the sample playback begins from the Sample Start point, moves to the Loop Start point and then repeats continuously from the Loop Start point to the Loop End point.

The tail, i.e. the part of the sample from the Loop End point to the end of the sample if never played.

What I want:
> Same as above, but when the key is released the loop playback is cancelled and the sample playing goes on beyond the
Loop End point until the end of the sample.

That is, the loop is looped until the key is released, then the tail is played till the end (during the release stage of the envelope).

On the Yamaha synths this is called 'FwdLpEx' wave play (forward loop and exit); the former, without a tail, is 'FwdLp'.

Is there a way to do that on a Fusion?

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Re: [How to?]Play the 'tail' of a sample after the loop?

Post by Jesse »

So you want the key to be a momentary loop or to toggle the loop on and off, I believe I have run across some sounds on my Fusion that do that, I will play around with my Fusion some and if I find the sound that does that I will let you know what it is so can open it up and look at it.

Maybe klaus will jump in on this :)
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