Alesis Fusion Demo's on YouTube

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Alesis Fusion Demo's on YouTube

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Alesis Fusion 6HD sounds by Heriberto caballero on YouTube

Alesis Fusion Demo - My Best Custom Patches by gjc82071 on Youtube

Hello, Jesse. I am happy to share my custom patches with anyone & everyone who wants them. :-) ... atches.rar

Just to let you know, most of the sounds in this video are "programs", but a few are "mixes". I copied the "user" program, mix, sample & multisample folders & put them in a zipped file. The programs should sound fine. Most of the mixes use custom programs from the user bank, but a few of the mixes use 3rd party programs from different banks. I don't know if, how, or where the Fusion saves that 3rd party program data, for mixes, a few of the mixes might sound incomplete. But again, the programs should be fine, as well as most of the mixes. Enjoy.

Thanks, most of us have probably purchased the commercial third party software or downloaded the free third party software so hopefully all the mixes will work :)

Alesis Fusion Demo - How to make an 8 Bar Loop by Mike Bowles
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