Fusion PSU Repair & Cooling System by Marcelo

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Fusion PSU Repair & Cooling System by Marcelo

Post by Jesse »

"first of all I thank to Jesse greatly for his help and time without which this information had not come to you.

Hello everyone, if any of you have a problem with the Fusion PSU and the heat generated by it maybe this information will be helpful to you.

A few weeks ago my Fusion shut down and/or restarted after a few hours of use. The front panel was hot, so I asked a friend of mine who is a technician to check the PSU. He found that the PSU temperature runs very hot, this is not good.
We tested the Fusion power supply and found that the heatsinks were so hot they could not be touched.

Testing the capacitors near the heat sink we noted that some of them were no good, these were replaced because when measured with an oscilloscope they had ripple, to much ripple, and that is not good.

I replaced 2 capacitors in my case. The originals were (1) 6 volt and (1) 10 volt, 2200 uF and +105 º C, 2200 uF and +105 º C. I replaced them with 16 volt, 2200 uF and +105 º C which is better because they can handle the work load easier. The important thing is they need to be 2200 uF and +105 º C.

After changing these capacitors we had an idea.
We decided to add an extra 50mm cooling fan to help cool the PSU, we used a plastic tunnel to route the air flow. The cooling fan should be 50mm or less in size.

The pictures in the PDF file show basically what we did and the results were great. We found that the heatsinks of the PSU were almost cold and the front panel of fusion where the mark of "Fusion 6HD" was no longer hot as it was before.

The only thing to keep in mind with this is that the Fusion makes a little more noise now, not as much as a PC, but you hear a little noise from the fan.

This is not a problem to me because I have more time to play. The little bit of extra noise from the cooling fan in the Fusion is ultimately better than an overheated non functional Fusion.
I recommend this action because the extra air flow helps to cool the PSU better.

I wanted to share this with you.
I hope this information will help you if you have a problem with your PSU and the heat generated by it."

here is the pdf: http://www.mediafire.com/?cf5mipivxp7twvf (this link is no longer good) JMS 6-20-2018

Here's the PDF doc, picture sizes have been reduced so the PDF doc could be uploaded to the forum
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Re: Fusion PSU Repair & Cooling System by Marcelo

Post by mstsfreak »

Well thanks Jesse! Interesting read while my Fusion is on intensive care now. Maybe i will do the same.
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