Fusion mainboard repair

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Fusion mainboard repair

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Still trying to get this done. Waiting for InMusic's response to my questions re factory service "key" part for restoring the serial number of a mainboard they sold me, which appears defective too. I notified them, I'll post their response. I have a bad board which is 'almost' completely functional-but the almost is the kicker-Vengine 1 is throwing memeory asddress errors-and I've tried some simple component troubleshooting myself, haven't found anything obvious but am using proper documentation-thinking its either one of the Texas Instruments DSP chips-or one of the memory chips-but diagnostic turns up nothing, everything tests OK, maddening!

One alternative, thank you parametric-I am putting in a service request today to a repair facility in California that claims to service among others, Alesis equipment. TSI-which was near me in Midland Park, NJ has sadly closed their doors-one of the few Eat Coast US technical repair shops that might have gotten this done.

a second alternative did not pan out. I contacted Thesoniq-the only still operational Ensoniq repair/parts tech-thinking he might be willing to look at our Alesis Fusions-specifically the mainboard and he said he couldn't, so that door closed.

and 2 more longshots i will try to get today. After studying the datasheets from Texas instruments re the specific DSP IC's in the fusion-and studying at length how BGA IC's are designed, I am considering the possibility of contacting Texas Instruments directrly-inquiring to see if they can be of some assistance. The other even longer shot-contacting the main/motherboard prototype company I found online-see if they can do something. Again with all the legalities of copyrights for design and firmware/software i don't hold much hope. it just seems a terrible waste that such a music machine as this can become completely useless for lack of one rather unassuming mainboard! My father helped design guidance systems for the Air force and NASA-my uncle was a pioneering geneticist-yes I'm bragging-and i saw my first synthesizer-in his house, he played it for us, was an a accomplished classsical pianist to boot. I'm not lying look up my uncle Dr. Vincent AllfreyI I don't know what went wrong with me....... :whistle: :whistle: :mrgreen: (maybe played too many wedding gigs) but I refuse to let this mainboard defeat me!!!!!
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